Children Reaching Children

children-ministry-panamaChildren reaching children’s program was founded by Jeanne Cook. She wants to have a program that could be put in the Children’s Sunday school classes to encourage the children to be involved in missions. It cost ten dollars per child per year in the Darien to be trained up in the Word of God.

The ten dollars buys the teachers their manual and all the materials that it needs in order to train the children with a strong foundation of faith. The program has been successful because the children in the United States support the programs for the children here in the Darien allowing them to hear the Gospel.

These programs that are paid for by the children in the United States include crusades, school projects and provide scholarships to kids too poor to go to school.

The program has helped birth missions in the hearts of many children who feel called to preach the Gospel

This program is highly recommended by many churches here in Panama.

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Meet Rev. Dennis and Jeanne Cook,
founders of Vida Ministry.

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