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Vida Ministries helps the people of Panamá by walking with them every day and sharing the love, hope, and truth of Jesus Christ.

Please make a difference and support us now with your prayers, giving, and action. In addition to the funds needed to run our ministry operations, some specific prayer, financial, and talent needs are listed below.


  • Protection and energy for the exhausted doctors and nurses working endless hours to care for the sick and dying
  • Victory for those facing financial challenges to faithfully support God's work in Panamá
  • The anointing over Estereo Vida as a lifeline in Darién to reach the lost and build up the Church
  • Strength and joy for our pastors faithfully serving God and their communities against extreme challenges
  • The physical, mental, and emotional health to give our best to His work every day


  • Updated radio station computer ($3,000)
  • Replacement of radio station floor ($3,000)
  • Maintenance of our air conditioning system ($1,800) used to protect electronics
  • Installation of new windows ($900)


  • A handyman to maintain our facilities
  • A small team to keep up our land maintenance
  • A tech to support radio, internet and other systems
  • A person to manage our Christian book store
  • A Sunday school administrator