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Vida Ministries helps the people of Panamá by walking with them every day and sharing the love, hope, and truth of Jesus Christ.

Please make a difference and support us now with your prayers, giving, and action. In addition to the funds needed to run our ministry operations, some specific prayer, financial, and talent needs are listed below.


  • Our churches as we begin to open, especially our children's ministry. We have added a lot of new children to the classes during this time. Please pray for their protection against the virus.
  • Our health.
  • A new youth outreach that we are going to begin pretty soon. We are in the planning stages of opening up a recreation center for teenagers. It's a big undertaking, but very needed.


  • Pole barn to house the ministry tractor and implements ($3,000)
  • Radio station laptop computer ($1,500)


  • Children's Ministry superintendent
  • Youth superintendent
  • A handyman to maintain our facilities
  • A group of skilled workers to build our pole barn