strong LOCAL pastors

Vida Ministries invests heavily in developing local pastors to serve their communities. Starting with village Bible schools, we began building a solid foundation of understanding and faith by teaching the truth of God’s Word. In addition, we coached pastors on overcoming the many questions and issues they faced. 

To meet the incredible interest and need, God called us to build a dedicated Bible school facility, open to pastors of all denominations. For those living deep in the jungle, we also developed a two-year teaching program delivered over the radio. As all these pastors work hand-in-hand and grow strong together, God moves through them to spread His love and salvation.

empowered women

Every year, Vida Ministries holds a large conference for the women of Darién. Female leaders join the event to share their support and wisdom from years of walking faithfully with God through all seasons of life.

The power of God always shows up at this conference and grows rapidly in the following months. When God’s Word takes root, women’s lives are changed forever, empowering them to find true joy, strength, and hope through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


Our Children Reaching Children (CRC) program allows kids in the U.S. to get involved with our mission, helping other kids in a far-away land learn about Jesus. For a small donation of $10.00, a U.S. child can fund everything a Darien teacher needs for a year of Sunday school classes. The abundance of giving from this initiative has also made it possible to build four Sunday school classrooms and help three poor children complete K-12 education and enroll in college. A personal relationship with God is the best gift you can ever give a child.

Vida is also called to the hurting teenagers of Darién. They are easily lost to dark and dangerous forces here, but God rescues them with His endless love and hope. At our youth conferences, teens choose Jesus over drugs, addiction, and crime. There has been a mighty outpouring of God’s presence recently. After being baptized, both in water and in the Holy Spirit, young lives are being transformed. Teens are actively sharing their stories to spread the Good News of Jesus in their villages.

We invite you to be a part of saving the next generation by introducing them to our Lord, Jesus Christ. He alone offers everything they’re looking for.


We partner with local pastors and church members to invest in the Choco community. We believe that God’s love is experienced in action, helping families meet their most pressing needs.


The Farming Fund: Vida makes a plot of ministry land available for each of our churches, prepares the soil for farming, and plants seed on it with our tractor. Church members then take full responsibility for the care, harvest, and sale of crops. Proceeds go to maintaining their church, helping community widows, and providing emergency assistance to those in need.


Free Fruit: Vida's 40 acres of land has many fruit trees including bananas, plantain, oranges, tangerines, mangoes, grapefruit and many kinds of lemons. We allow the community to harvest this fruit and eat it.

Disease Prevention: From April through November, most of the average 100 inches of annual rainfall pours onto Darién. This water brings many blessings, but also creates countless stagnant pools where mosquitoes nest and spread dangerous diseases like Dengue fever and Malaria. We help local government and community efforts to tackle this problem by using our tractor to create drainage systems that quickly divert rainfall into free-flowing streams.

estereo vida

In 1996, we launched Estereo Vida, the first Christian radio station in Darién. Covering the majority of the jungle, our broadcast carries God’s saving love and truth to even more remote areas, including places in Colombia where no churches exist.

In addition to the Gospel, we also offer a two-year Bible school program to train local pastors and deliver teachings focused on building great families, including an hour dedicated to children. There are few greater Christian testimonies than a strong family that loves God with their whole hearts and shares that love with each other and their community.