It's been a rough year for most people in Central America. One emergency after another has pretty much devastated many families.  We are now having hurricanes hitting back to back. Unbelievable rainfall and high winds have destroyed homes and, in some places, just about everything has been lost in the swift current waters.


If you would like to be a part of helping these people, please give here on our website or send your donations to Vida Ministries, P.O. Box 6268, Kokomo, In. 46901 and designate your giving to our Relief Fund.


We appreciate all the small and large ways you help. Hundreds are being born again and healed as the love of God reaches out through the churches to touch them. Life gets really serious when you lose everything.

CHILdren reaching children

Most Children here have lost one year of schooling. They offer some school over the phone, but it costs $20.00 per child and most people here just cannot afford that.

Our churches are just now allowing Sunday schools to meet. In our first meeting we had 50 children attend. They are so sweet. When I asked if they had any needs, one said, "we have color pencils but nothing to color." I'm now making up color pages for them.


The teenagers have been meeting in the youth pastor's home, so they are really growing through all of this.

We have a lot of new believers in church and Sunday School classes.

THE cook's residence

Nathan turns 23 on December 13th

On December 18th, Jeanne turns 72 years young

December 21st is Gabby's 3rd birthday

Kristen will be 26 on December 22nd


  • For the churches here to be protected from the spread of the virus
  • For the pastors here, especially Pastor Luis Barcorizo and Pastor Armando Barcorizo
  • For Sambu, where a whole village was flooded and lost everything
  • For all of the groups scheduled next year

Please pray that God will cover us and keep us healthy as we reach out to be his representatives to the lives of broken people. Our immediate needs are to help the homeless. Of course, we have other ministry challenges and opportunities, but this is our main focus right now.


  • Painting our mission buildings including the radio station ($240), dormitory ($480), main house ($540), and barn ($90)
  • Pole barn to house the ministry tractor and implements ($3,000)
  • Radio station laptop computer ($1,500)


  • Children's Ministry superintendent
  • Youth superintendent
  • A handyman to maintain our facilities
  • A group of skilled workers to build our pole barn

panama is open again

We are beginning to book groups for next year!

If you would like to bring a group here, please contact us at contactvidamin@gmail.com.

Feb 11-15               Pastors Conference

Mar 13-22               Construction Group

Apr 8-12                 Pastors conference

May 15-24              Construction Group

Jun 10-14               Pastors Conference

Jun 24-1                 Youth Conference

Jul 10-17                Children’s Conference

Aug 12-16              Pastors Conference

Aug 21-30              Construction Group

Sep 8-13                Women’s Conference