Psalm 23:4

Over the past 2 years, more than 28,000 immigrants walked through the Darien Gap on their way to America. Known as one of the world’s densest jungles, it also facilitates many illegal groups involved with drugs, human trafficking, and even paramilitary activities. The trip is very dangerous and many die along the way from all kinds of hardships.


Many of these immigrants are Haitian (49%), while others come from Africa (19%), Asia (15%), Cuba (12%), South America (6%) and a few other countries (0.2%).


Because of the COVID virus, migration out of Panama has slowed down and 3 camps in the Darien have been growing. The people are fed and taken care of by the Panamanian government, but COVID outbreaks are a major challenge.

The medical group that visits these camp sites were hand-picked as translators for the many different languages spoken. God sure has a plan! The group leader is a pastor friend of ours and many on his team are spirit-filled Christians.


During the day they treat people medically, but at night, they have open air crusades. They have led hundreds of people to the Lord in these camps.


On their way to America, they found Jesus… or maybe He found them! He parted the Red Sea for His children before. Now, He is right there when they come out of the dense and dangerous jungle. It is unlike any revival that I have ever seen.


In the villages, the pastors cannot meet as a group anymore in the church, but they go house to house discipling the new converts. God is doing a mighty work through these well-trained pastors who we had the privilege of training over the past 40 years we have lived here.

CHILdren reaching children

For Christmas, we were able to purchase a towel for each of the kids in the villages where we have churches.

The children were delighted and felt so special for such a nice gift: their very own towel.

THE cook's residence

Chris, our first-born, turns 52 years young on Jan 28th.


On Jan 31st, our sweet Addy will be 8! 


  • For the churches here to be protected from the spread of the virus
  • For our pastors, especially Pastor Luis Barcorizo and Pastor Armando Barcorizo
  • For Sambu, where a whole village was flooded and lost everything
  • For the men, women, and children suffering in Darien's immigrant camps
  • For all of the groups scheduled next year

Please pray that God will cover us physically, mentally, and spiritually. We continue to focus on doing what we can to help the immigrants and homeless in Darien.


  • Painting our mission buildings including the radio station ($240), dorm ($480), main house ($540), and barn ($90)
  • Pole barn to house the ministry tractor and implements ($3,000)


  • Children's Ministry superintendent
  • Youth superintendent
  • A handyman to maintain our facilities
  • A group of skilled workers to build our pole barn

A new year

Now that our airport has opened, we are scheduling groups for 2021. Below are the ones we are looking at.

Feb 11-15               Pastors Conference

Mar 13-22               Construction Group

Apr 8-12                 Pastors conference

May 15-24              Construction Group

Jun 10-14               Pastors Conference

Jun 24-1                 Youth Conference

Jul 10-17                Children’s Conference

Aug 12-16              Pastors Conference

Aug 21-30              Construction Group

Sep 8-13                Women’s Conference

If you would like to join one of these groups or book a separate one, please contact us at or