"... and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen."

matthew 28:20

In this time of insecurity, there is one thing we can always feel secure about. Everything may be changing, but God will never change. God promises us time and time again that He is with us and will never leave us nor forsake us.
We can count on Him. He is a man of integrity. He stands behind His word to complete it. He is not going anywhere. There is nothing too big or more powerful than He is. The Holy spirit that lives inside of each believer walks along side them all the way. He is there to comfort, guide and equip us for every challenge we face in life.

When we don’t know what to do, He gives us the wisdom to make the right choice. When we lose our job and financial security, He gives us favor and helps us get a better job and restores all we have lost. He helps us rebuild and have a new beginning. When we are sick, He heals us. He protects us and keeps us from any trouble that might be formed against us.

When everything around us is falling apart, He keeps us stable and focused. Always remember that what you focus on grows. Keep God's promises before you and stand strong. This is the most exciting time to be alive. We are the light shining in such an unstable world right now. We can lead so many hurting people to the Lord. We can walk along side them and help them get through it.
Let’s be the glorious church that Jesus is counting on. Fear has no place in our minds. Faith rejects fear. We must put it under our feet and refuse to give place to it. We need to choose to be faith-filled and not fear-full.


The children here begin school in March and finish in December. Because of the virus, all schools have been closed. They do not own computers, so they have been on vacation all of this time.

A lot of people have come to the Lord because of this virus! We are doing our best to keep up with all of the new ones.


Everyone in the Cook's residence are healthy and doing well.

This is a big Birthday month for us!

July 7, Noah turns 5

July 20, Brittany turns 27

July 21, Rick turns 51

July 23, Emma turns 7

July 31, Casey turns 15


  • Protection and energy for the exhausted doctors and nurses working endless hours to care for the sick and dying
  • Victory for those facing financial challenges to faithfully support God's work in Panamá
  • The anointing over Estereo Vida as a lifeline in Darién to reach the lost and build up the Church
  • Strength and joy for our pastors faithfully serving God and their communities against extreme challenges
  • The physical, mental, and emotional health to give our best to His work every day
  • For the churches here as they endeavor to keep up with the many new people coming to the Lord
  • For the radio station and for our son Jason. He is the administrator of all the new programs, etc.


Praise the Lord for the new faster internet in the radio station.

  • Updated radio station computer ($3,000)
  • Replacement of radio station floor ($3,000)
  • Maintenance of our air conditioning system ($1,800) used to protect electronics
  • Installation of new windows ($900)


  • A handyman to maintain our facilities
  • A small team to keep up our land maintenance
  • A tech to support radio, internet and other systems
  • A person to manage our Christian book store
  • A Sunday school administrator


All of our individual and group events are currently on hold or cancelled due to travel restrictions. When possible, we will work to get everything rescheduled with new dates. Until then, please stay tuned, keep praying, and hold your loved ones close.