happy thanksgiving

We have so much to be thankful for today and everyday! We thank God for the wonderful people we have been blessed to know. Friends who have walked with us going on 40 years now. We are a team. 

Together, we preach the Gospel of Hope to a lost and dying world.

Together, we have made it possible for our local pastors to go to Bible school through Radio programs.

Together, we raised 4 generations of strong Christians leaders sold out to preaching the Gospel.

Together, we have led and trained up hundreds of children in the foundations of faith.

Together, we are world changers.

Thank you so much for your faithfulness over all of these years!


Sunday school classes are finally allowed to open again in the jungles. 

The children are so excited! We were allowed to meet in groups of five throughout the pandemic. Not in the church, but in individual homes since March of this year.

We started off having a big Thank You Jesus party.

The kids were crazy excited!


November 11th is Jason’s birthday.

November 30th is Abbi’s birthday.

November 21st is Payton’s birthday.

Unfortunately, we cannot spend the holidays with most of our grandkids and great grandkids this year. Chris lives in California with his family. Jason and Chad live here in Panama. Jennifer and everyone else lives in Indiana. We seldom ever get to be with all of them over the holidays.

It will sure be a different Thanksgiving without them. We will miss them a lot, but so thankful for all of them and the years we have been able to be with them.


Thank you so much for our new washer.

What a blessing!

We were finally able to go into the city and get it.


  • Our health
  • For the churches here to be protected from the spread of the virus
  • For the pastors here, especially Pastor Luis Barcorizo and Pastor Armando Barcorizo
  • For all of the groups scheduled next year


  • Painting our mission buildings including the radio station ($240), dormitory ($480), main house ($540), and barn ($90)
  • Pole barn to house the ministry tractor and implements ($3,000)
  • Radio station laptop computer ($1,500)


  • Children's Ministry superintendent
  • Youth superintendent
  • A handyman to maintain our facilities
  • A group of skilled workers to build our pole barn


We are beginning to book groups for next year!

If you would like to bring a group here, please contact us at contactvidamin@gmail.com.

Feb 11-15               Pastors Conference

Mar 13-22               Construction Group

Apr 8-12                 Pastors conference

May 15-24              Construction Group

Jun 10-14               Pastors Conference

Jun 24-1                 Youth Conference

Jul 10-17                Children’s Conference

Aug 12-16              Pastors Conference

Aug 21-30              Construction Group

Sep 8-13                Women’s Conference